(Pack Of 2) Type C TO Iphone 13IPOD,-

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  • 🎧[Support USB-C Digital Headphones]: Connect to USB-C digital headphones for high-quality audio playback. Note: headphones must be digital headphones (i.e., with built-in DAC), not analog ones with just a Type-C connector; not all digital headphones are supported by iOS.
  • 🎶[Support USB-C DAC]: Connect to USB-DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) via standard USB-C cable for high fidelity audio playback. Note: not all USB-DAC’s are supported by iOS — limitations with iOS or the DAC itself.
  • 🎬[Support Flash Drives]: Use standard USB-C flash drives and USB-C Micro SD/SD card readers, with iOS’s built-in Files App or other third-party Apps that support external storage.
  • ✍[Convert USB-C Hub]: Connect to a USB-C hub, and plug-in and use other standard USB accessories (flash drive, card reader, Ethernet, keyboard & mouse). Total power draw must be under 400mA. Use Type-C Ethernet adapter. Note: only if iOS has built-in driver for the Ethernet adapter. ❌Not Support HDMI、video output via Type-C Hub❗
  • ⚡[Charging small accessories]: Use a Type-C-to-Lightning cable to connect another iPhone/iPad to charge it (at 2W) or copy video/photos. Use a Type-C cable to charge small accessories (Bluetooth, Air Pods, voice recorder, etc.). Max power draw at 400mA/5V. ❌This adapter does not support charging the iOS device.