Nina Silk Hair Removal – Pain-Free

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Nina Silk is the easy-breezy solution to hair removal without razors, wax, epilators or lasers. It is a small plastic handheld device with a flat bottom that features a special crystal silk surface that’s tough on all types of hair, but gentle on your skin. From the comfort of your own home, Nina Silk offers you pain-free, salon-quality hair removal. How it works? First, you’ll need to clean and dry the area of skin where you’d like to be hair-bare. Then, to use Nina Silk, simply rub the crystal silk surface in a circular motion, and the device will gently lift, twist and pull out unwanted hair. It will not cause any irritation, to work on all hair types, including everything from thin hair to thick stubble. It can be used on more sensitive body parts, such as your upper lip, chin, bikini area and underarms. For those who are hesitant to buy another piece of plastic, this “o

ne stop solution for hair removal” promises to never wear out and to never need replacement. The regular use of Nina Silk will cause slower hair regrowth and silkier skin.