Hand Blender Electric Mixer

89.00 300.00



  • The battery worked milk frother is not difficult to control and simple to clean, use with 2 AA batteries ( Battery Not included in box). Handheld adaptation makes the frother simple to use by hand.Milk frother will be extremely simple to introduce.
  • 15 seconds is sufficient to make cup of foamy beverage by this milk frother, you can involve it as espresso frother, latte frother, froth producer, hot cocoa creator, matcha whisk and other beverage blender. Note Not suggested for weighty use
  • The milk frother can be utilized for cappuccino, caffè latte, hot cocoa, frappè, milkshake and some other beverages. It’s not difficult to make drinks by this milk frother handheld form.
  • Food grade treated steel packaging and whisk make this matcha whisk and espresso frother exceptionally alright for you. The handheld frother is likewise BPA Free.
  • Not included for safety, please insert new batteries in opposite direction only OPERATED BY AA 1.5 V x 2 Batteries (NOT included).