Beardo Mariner Capt Jack Perfume Body Spray

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Beardo Mariner Capt Jack Perfume Body Spray, 120ml | Long Lasting No Gas Deo For Men | Day Body Spray Perfume for Men | Gift for Men | Fresh, Aqua Notes

About this item

  • RULE THE SEAS: Dark & Powerful – Feel the power of the ocean in each spray of this PERFUME BODY SPRAY. Mariner helps you feel light and breezy all day.
  • PERFUME BODY SPRAY – Unlike other deos, Beardo has perfume body sprays which have a higher concentration of perfume liquid for maximum impact in longevity plus MORE SPRAYS PER CAN.
  • AWARD-WINNING Fragrances: PERFUME BRAND OF THE YEAR, as awarded to Beardo during Channelier FMCG Awards 2021, Beardo’s fragrances are unique and praise-worthy making them perfect for personal use as well as gifting.
  • BE A BEARDO ON THE GO – This Perfume Body Spray is a Beardo Bag essential who knows when you might need to make a great first impression
  • BEST Gift for Men: Beardo range of unique luxurious fragrances make the perfect gift for men. No matter the occasion – a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or anything surprise your loved ones with the RIGHT kind of gift.


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